Shakira’s IQ is 140

I’m not sure who Shakira is. That’s how dumb I am.

And the worst part is that I should know who Shakira is, since I have a People magazine waiting by my bed. (I even subscribe, for crying out loud.) I think she’s a singer. Anyhow, apparently she’s a rocket science and I’m spending too much time on Facebook (my newest vice, along with tart-and-trendy frozen yogurt) since I’ve now seen ads touting the IQs of two celebs.

The first was Angelina, and I don’t recall her IQ (another bad sign, for sure) but I remember the ad because I’ve been thinking a lot about IQ these days. I’m too lazy to look up the New Yorker article about IQs I keep hearing was fabulous (I have like the last six months of the New Yorker unread in a pile because I’m too busy reading People) but I want to since we’re in the process of dealing with Sophie’s IQ.

Maybe my IQ is not 140 (I don’t know what it is. My mother won’t say. She won’t tell my sister or me — or my dad, unless he once knew and forgot, because she doesn’t want either of us to know the other’s smarter. Or more IQ-y. I tried to get it out of him not long ago, he’d only say that he knows my mother’s is higher than his.) but I do know there’s no freaking way you can accurately determine the true intelligence of a 5 year old, particularly a 5 year old with Down syndrome.

When I saw the ad I didn’t think about signing Sophie up. She’s already signed up for testing. I did think about clicking on it for myself, then decided that some things are better left unknow, or at least unsaid, and anyhow, who wants to find out they’re not as smart as Shakira?



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One response to “Shakira’s IQ is 140

  1. Ward "Red Bear" Love

    Hey! Saw this while “googling” something else, so I decided to give you a shout back. Two things; first, I believe that some magazine a few years back published a story about Shakira’s IQ being MUCH higher than 140.

    Second, and you’ll have to forgive me for this one, IQ does not measure intelligence! It measures what could be called you “Random Access Memory” or RAM, as in a computer. The two are not mutually inclusive.


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