Sorry, Shakira!

I’m reminded this morning that there are some things in life you just shouldn’t try to do quickly. One is shave your legs. The second is blog.

At least, blog about anything of substance.

As I fell asleep last night, my last thought — as the People magazine fell from my hand — was, “I bet that f-ing Shakira really IS a genius. I bet that’s like her THING.”

Yeah, I even have the comment this morning to back that up, along with the beginning of a discussion about IQ I’m totally unequipped to partake in, since I haven’t done my research.

This all backs up the reason for my grumpiness in recent weeks — my bosses have discovered this cool new thing, it’s called “THE INTERNET” and you can do this thing called BLOGGING on it — you can do it all day long (and all night) and it’s so cool, dude! It’s the latest thing!

It’s also very dangerous for a group of journalists used to ruminating over stories and research for weeks, if not months, at a time, then spitting out 8,000 word stories.

I”m not saying it’s a bad idea, but the growing pains are driving me nuts. If I’m going to have a job in anything resembling journalism in the next few years, I know I’ve got to embrace it. (Hence, one reason for this blog.)

But the Shakira thing reminds me it’s just not as easy everyone tries to make it seem.

Now I gotta go figure out what to do about my bright-red legs.


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