Drink Up

Tonight we saw WALL-E — a rare, special occasion, for the four of us to make it to the big screen together. Ray had a Coke, I had a Diet Coke, Annabelle had an Icee and Sophie had apple juice.

Halfway through the movie, Annabelle stage-whispered, “I dropped my straw!”

I took mine out of my drink and handed it to her, silently. She went back to slurping.

Sophie looked over. Immediately, she reached over and took her own straw from her drink and put it in my cup. In the light from the movie, I could see her face beaming. I smiled back.

“Mommy, I love you SO MUCH,” she said, rubbing my arm, her hand wet from clandestine thumbsucking.

Me too, Sophie. Me too.



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