The Great Stay at Home Mom Experiment

Hey — I decorated.

No, I didn’t figure out how to put funky wallpaper up, like my friend Rene has on her blog, but I did manage to post some links in my (or is it on my)  “Blogroll”.

This freaking blog thing.

Tonight my dear friend Terry told me I need to “ping more platforms”. I asked my dear friend Kari what on earth that meant (I couldn’t figure out how to pull up the link to her blog, but if you google “kindahotmom” and “Karina Bland” you’ll find it) and she said, “Oh, that’s when you use catch phrases like ‘stay at home mom’ and people see it and link to your site.”

Oh. That makes no sense to me, but ok, I’ll say it:

Stay at home mom. Stay at home mom. Stay at home mom.

(The Dorothy approach; heels are clicking.)

I think if I was a stay at home mom I’d hate the term stay at home mom. I know i hate the term working mom. (Stay at home moms don’t work?) But my least favorite is full time mom. Who isn’t?

Ah, a discussion for another late night (one when I’m not battling a cold).


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