Hairdo(s) of the Week

Nothing like the confirmation that your 7-year-old does most things better than you.

Nine times out of 10, when I tell Sophie it’s time to do her hair, she hollers (lately she’s been looking down, stamping her foot and making a snorting noise — all too similar to a horse, I know) and refuses.

The other afternoon, out of the blue, Annabelle said, “Sophie, it’s time to do your hair.”

And while I’d never seen Annabelle attempt more than a low ponytail on herself (maybe a side pony once or twice — sacrilege in my world, particularly after Napoleon Dynamite, side ponytails are just WRONG) she later emerged with two ponytails of her own, and a sister done up with the same, plus sideswept bangs pinned with Elmo and Zoe clips.

I was blown away.

They were both so proud. I’ve tried it on a couple hectic mornings since, and amazingly, it’s worked — Annabelle’s done her own hair, and then Sophie’s. And Sophie’s let her.

I feel only slightly guilty, and a little jealous that a 7 year old is able to command a. compliance and b. pretty good rubber band action.


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One response to “Hairdo(s) of the Week

  1. Sarah F.

    dude, they look awesome. can annabelle come over and do my hair one morning?? I’m serious!

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