2nd Grade, Here She Comes

At 7, Annabelle’s way better with a video camera (actually, I think it’s an attachment on our old digital camera, which Ray gave her) than I am.

While Sophie and I were at Trader Joe’s yesterday, Annabelle made a movie. She had a little help from Ray, but he swears she filmed the whole thing herself. You might not find that hard to believe. My favorite part is where her thumb makes an appearance.

I think the title should be “Who Says A Trip to Target Can’t Buy Happiness?” but Annabelle called it “Annabelle’s Schoolstuff 2008”. Here’s the youtube link:




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4 responses to “2nd Grade, Here She Comes

  1. karen

    Taylor and Sophia (and me) got a kick out of the film. Way to go Annabelle! See you at school on Monday 🙂

  2. That is adorable! The ringlet making a special surprise appearance was cute. But overall, I think the announcement of wearing of the argyle socks on the first day is my favorite.

  3. meganirwin

    “this is my white shirt. verrry professional.”

    oh my god, i’m dying! annabelle should hang out with me and my new “very professional” wardrobe… also purchased from target.

  4. Michele

    Priceless! Nothing like a cute pair of socks and a pink pencil box to make you feel like a million bucks on the first day of school 🙂

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