John McCain, Sarah Palin, Down syndrome and Me

Ray’s last words, as I climbed into the car this morning (after admonishing me to not use swear words on the phone, in the car, in front of the kids):

“You are a word that begins with the letter H.”

Oh, he’s right. I am hysterical. I called this, months ago, as soon as I heard Sarah Palin’s name — along with the fact that a. she had just had her fifth child, a boy with DS and b. that she was interested in being McCain’s running mate.

I knew it, because the world — my world — is that weird.

I’m going to refrain from saying anything yet — I have to sort out my thoughts and I know how tempting blogging can be for those whose thoughts are scrambled — but I will say this: I have written more than anything (by far) about two topics, in my life.

The first is John McCain.

The second is Sophie — and what being a mom (particularly a working mom) of a kid with Down syndrome means.

And never the two should meet, as far as I’m concerned.

Too late.

You figure all this out. Please. And get back to me.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to the way-more-than-anyone-wants-to-read special report my paper posted on him:



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3 responses to “John McCain, Sarah Palin, Down syndrome and Me

  1. Mary Ellen

    Hi Amy:
    And once I read about Sarah Palin, I immediately thought of you but then I thought of me — because her son was born when she was forty-something. Oh, and because it always comes back to me.
    It’s going to be an interesting two months, that’s for sure.

  2. there are no coincidences, amy. we need you.

  3. Lois

    Hi Amy,
    I am a mother of five and I understand how you can question how Sarah can do all this. You are seeing her through your eyes. I am sure that you are doing a terrific job of trying to handle all that comes your way and can’t imagine handling anything more.

    What I can tell you is, that Sarah can handle all this.
    I raised five children, held a full time job, wrote a nationally published book, started a corporate office for an international company, even was the President of the PTA. Everyone always asked how I could do it all. Well, some of us are just built differently and we just can do it.

    The proof is in the pudding. My children are now all grown and starting their own families. We are still very close. We needed each other and still care about each other. One is a Fellow at the Univ. Of Michigan in graduate studies for social welfare, one is a missionary pastor in France, one is a leading mortgage broker, one founded a technology company, and one is the manager of a health gym. Finer young adults I could not find. Prouder mom I could not be.

    You are not alone in your journey, nor is Sarah. Instead of judging her from your vantage point, cheer for her and support her. Her family will appreciate your support. Remember, it takes a village… You and Sarah are not alone.

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