“Is Palin Mildly Retarded?”

I just noticed that today someone typed “is Palin mildly retarded” and that led them to Girl in a Party Hat.

I’m not sure what to think.



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3 responses to ““Is Palin Mildly Retarded?”

  1. elewinnek

    I would be proud of that.
    My own blog once got a hit from a google-search for “beach my bare breasts.” I swear it was a post about breast-feeding!

    Have you seen Mom-101’s hilarious posts about what google-searches lead people to her blog? http://mom-101.blogspot.com/2008/09/carry-on-my-wayward-googlers-political.html#links

  2. elewinnek

    I love that. It’s much better than the person who google-searched “beach my bare breasts” and ended up reading one of my blog-entries about breast-feeding. Did you see mom-101’s hilarious post on this same subject? I tried to post a comment linking you to Mom-101’s post, but I think it disappeared into a spam-filter somewhere, so you’ll just have to go to mom-101.blogspot.com and find her Sept 3rd, 2008 entry, “Carry on my wayward googlers.”

  3. amysilverman

    I will look it up — we’re away so it’s hard to do much online. Beach my bare breasts??? Wouldn’t you love to know what that person was looking for?!

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