Leftover Candy Corn, Anyone?

After months (literally) of preparation, Halloween was a blur. My main goal each year is to nail the perfect picture of the girls in the their costumes, and til this year I’ve even managed to convince them to dress as coordinating characters (angel/devil; two black cats; vampire and bat).

This year all bets were off. We had Cookie Monster and a “white vampire cat” and I didn’t get a single decent shot.

I also managed to lose the white ears/tail I bought Annabelle weeks ago, forgot to paint whiskers on her face and botched the blood in the corner of her mouth.

Sophie spent most of the holiday in her panties, as it was well over 90 degrees on Halloween day, and the Cookie Monster costume was head to toe fur.

And yet, it was by far the most successful Halloween ever. Now if I can just get all that damn candy corn out of the house before I eat it.


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One response to “Leftover Candy Corn, Anyone?

  1. karen

    Still cute!
    Someone told me an idea about how to get rid of the candy – We tried it this year and it was a huge success. The girls left their candy outside their bedroom doors in hoping the Halloween fairy would visit. In the morning all their candy was gone and in their bags a stuffed animal. They got a kick out of it. The candy is now at my husband’s office. I wasn’t sure if it would work considering we had never done it but they were game.
    Good luck on the candy corn – one of my favorites.

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