The Santa Clause

I had to get some advice from my mother in law.

“OK,” I said, “tell me what to do.”

“Well, you have the girls write the letters and then we’ll send them Santa’s letters in reply. We have the paper all ready.”

“But where do I have them send the letters?” I asked, confused.

“Anywhere. The North Pole. It doesn’t matter.”

I mean, it’s not like I believe in Santa Claus (or as Annabelle spelled it, Clause — I know it’s a bad movie, but I’m stealing the title, just for tonight), but I thought there was more to it than that. I’ve never done Santa letters before.

“So they won’t come back postmarked North Pole?”

She just looked at me, probably thinking (but too nice to say), “You, Jewish girl, should not even be attempting this.”

But I am the Jew Who Loves Christmas, something you’ll hear about for the next three weeks til you’re as sick of me as I am of the count ’em TWO continual Christmas stations I’ve been listening to since Halloween. (I know, mistake, I won’t do that again. If I hear Paul McCartney’s “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time” one more time — particularly when it’s over 85 degrees out — I’ll go home and OD on the first batch of limoncello I’ve already made.)

In any event, the show must go on. So tonight I got out paper and pens and the girls wrote their letters. Annabelle’s was done in a flash, she’s had her list ready for weeks (American Girl doll, Nintendo DS and some video game we haven’t heard of) and even illustrated her note.


Sophie’s letter took longer. For one thing, she kept changing her mind. For months, she’s said she’s asking Santa for “Noggin bath toys” (a la the kids cable network). Recently she added a camera. Tonight it was “a comb and a brush” as well.

I spelled it all out for her:

D E A R  S A N T A….and so on.


If you know Sophie well and you look closely, you can make out the letters. Sort of. OK, not really at all. Annabelle was watching so I wrote a separate note reiterating Sophie’s desires, and the three sheets were folded and placed in an envelope. Each girl put a stamp on the envelope and Annabelle addressed it to the North Pole.

Tomorrow we’ll put the envelope in the mailbox, and I guess I’ll run home and get it back after the girls are at school. Or maybe not. Who knows — maybe it’ll make it to the North Pole.



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6 responses to “The Santa Clause

  1. Sue

    They send the letters to the local post office. I could see that Sophie was making letters. Oh I miss having little kids at Christmas. It is so much cheaper! Big kids need big things…

  2. Mary Ellen

    Leah wants a DS too. Are you going to get one for Annabelle? I never know what’s appropriate.
    I love it that you are into Christmas. I am drawn to menorahs and the blue and silver colors of Hanukkah.

  3. amysilverman

    Ray wants to get her the DS. I’m anti-video game, but don’t see how it can really be avoided. Seems a bad idea to ban something they love, makes it an obsession. The trick will be finding Sophie something equivalent that she likes, maybe the Leap Frog Didg (sp).

  4. I have a DS. I know. I’m the bad guy who brought video games into the house, but I limit them and I know what the games are about before I will let the boys have them or play them. There are a lot of fun games for kids out there, that have puzzles and things to solve and figure out.

    I think you should just let the letters go in the mail!

  5. OH and I know about the Christmas songs. We’ve been listening to both stations AND XM radio at home. I know. I know. I know.

  6. megan

    sophie’s letters are GOOD! i can totally tell that it says “Dear Santa.”

    Also, randomly, Bed Bath and Beyond sells cameras that are encased in thick plastic, so they’re kid proof, and I seem to remember thinking they seemed cheap and like a fun idea for young kids.

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