Sophie’s Christmas Card to Mom and Dad

Some days I’m pretty sure Sophie’s smarter than the rest of us.

Last night the holiday loot came home in the backpack, in the form of two more laminated ornaments for the tree (which, blessedly, no longer smells — or at least I’ve gotten used to it) and a laminated card.

(Side note: Some day I will learn how to use the laminating machine at school and will laminate EVERYTHING. But for right now I maintain a healthy fear of it.)

The card has a darn good drawing that goes with the caption she dictated to Ms. X:

If I were a Christmas present for my Mom and Dad, I would be a cookie for my Mom and a tree for my Dad.

You’d have to know us well to understand the perfection of the statement. Trust me. She’s right on the money.




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4 responses to “Sophie’s Christmas Card to Mom and Dad

  1. Robert Polk

    Toll House, of course, right out of the oven. Chewy when warm, crispy on the outside when they cool on the baking rack. Perfect likeness.

    And, the balsam fir (abies balsamea). It’s beginning to smell a lot like and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and stuff.

    I am duly impressed. And my consort, an esteemed 1st grade teacher, concurs.

    Lest we forget, the ultimate Reason for the Seasons is the axial tilt of the earth. :-]

  2. very cute! and the artwork is great.

  3. kittymama

    Maybe next year we’ll make chocolate bear sculpture cookies . . . good to eat, good to dry out and hang on the tree if you can keep from eating them all.

  4. Lisa Gotham


    Those drawings are really good. I mean, I’ve only seen a few of Sophie’s drawings but those ones look to be a big improvement. =]

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