A Little Retail Therapy, 2009-Style

Annabelle and I hit TWO Targets today, looking for a lipgloss kit she just had to had, and new black Converse for me. Couldn’t find either; thank goodness for the Internet. We did find Sophie a $9.99 substitute for the Nintendo DS she’s been begging for since Annabelle got hers. Lipgloss-kit-less for the moment, AB had an uncharacteristically unattractive meltdown in the handheld electronics aisle, but I held firm and refused the item she grazed past and decided she had to have.

I do understand. It’s the post-holiday thing. Last night I stayed up til 1, watching Baby Mama and putting away the holiday stuff. I actually reorganized the holiday closet — a little, not enough to bend over and pick up the plastic Easter eggs on the ground; I just mushed the Rubbermaids on top of them. But at least the holidays are in order and almost every shred of Xmas is put away. (Sniffle!)


 My reward: the silver clogs I’ve been drooling over. I finally found them at www.svensclogs.com and shamelessly bought them, even though I’m totally copying a new friend who bought hers at Triple Happiness in Brooklyn. (How freaking cool?! A CLOG STORE. I told her the silver clogs were the tipping point for the playdate invite — how can you resist a potential new friend with silver clogs?)

And now they will be mine. So shallow. So what?



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3 responses to “A Little Retail Therapy, 2009-Style

  1. Oh no! I have developed a serious case of shoe envy.

  2. Sometimes there are just things a girl needs to have, I understand.

  3. megan

    we have a clog store in pdx too, and it’s right by my houseeeee…..

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