On Your Mark, Get Set….

I have wrapped my feet in moleskin and Vaseline and carefully put on just the right foot covering. It would be a lot more exciting if I was about to take the stage and dance with the Baryshnikov, but instead, I’ll be standing in a parking lot for several hours, then literally in a corral, then walking my fastest (and everyone else’s slowest) for four hours, hoping desperately to make it to the finish line while there still is a finish line at the PF Chang’s Rock n Roll Marathon in downtown Phoenix/Tempe.

Not very sexy.

It gets worse. I’ve started and by the time I’m done, I will have crammed the following into my sports bra (thank goodness for big boobs):

my iPhone; two more pieces of moleskin; a baggie of Advil (I won’t say how much, too much, it’s crossed the line into “performance enhancing drug,” I fear — and so do my kidneys); four packages of Gu, the “Chocolate Outrage” flavor; some money; my Shuffle; a house key; lip balm.

I’m wearing my lucky socks (unfortunately, they are dirty) and my favorite pants, which I did wash. A tee shirt since it’s supposed to approach 80 today (just my luck) and an old turtleneck I can discard if I feel too encumbered. Unlike one of my “teammates”, I did not shower, do my hair and put on makeup, but I did put on some coverup over my sunblock, and I’m wearing a necklace Annabelle made me last night.

I think I’m going to throw up. Wishful thinking.

There’s been a lot of talk about the next marathon — and this one hasn’t even started. I’ve made it clear this is my last. Though yesterday afternoon I promised Sophie that when she’s ready for one, I’ll be by her side.



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4 responses to “On Your Mark, Get Set….

  1. This is Joyce, Wow good luck. I am in awe.

  2. karen

    Good luck Amy – looking forward to the follow up blogs on your walk. To bad it is going to be so warm. Good for us non doers, but not good for you walkers and runners. Guess it could be worse. At least it is not somewhere back east with their recording setting lows.

  3. Been following your blog a few months and signed up for the writing workshop next month. Excited about that. Wanted to apologize if the previous post offended. Meant entirely in jest of course, but you know how these things look on screen…

    Anyway, my hubs ran this one. Crazy guy. I told him wouldn’t run or walk it, but I would eat some lettuce wraps…

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