I did it. We finished before we were swept up by the cops.

I may never walk again….



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4 responses to “Go!

  1. karen

    Yahoo!! Good job. Walking? Who needs to be walking? Ray and the girls should be treating you like a goddess. Congratulations!

  2. That is awesome. Congratulations!

  3. elaine

    That’s so great! I wish I had known you were in the race and I would have tried to find you :). I was wearing a hat that unintentionally made me look like a cancer patient, so I’m sure that my slow time was garnered with some sympathy from all those purple-shirted team-in-training folks.

  4. Lisa Gotham

    I just noticed the little smiley face in the top right corner…

    and that’s adorable. =o

    Congrats on the walk! =D

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