Now Introducing…. Jack


I wanted a black standard poodle, a girl, and I wanted to name her Ruby.

But the puppy isn’t for me, not this puppy anyway. So when I spotted an ad for lab/Australian Shepherd mix puppies — best of all, from a rescue group — I knew we were adopting today.

Ray and Annabelle are madly in love. Sophie and I are more the joiners of the group. Someday I’ll get my poodle. (Probably after the Obamas do, dooming the poor breed to over-exposure. Oh well.) For now, we’ve got Jack — the name that’s stuck so far.

I have to admit he’s darn cute. But I know what the future holds. Puppies are way tougher than babies. Yawn.  He comes home Tuesday, freshly neutered.



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9 responses to “Now Introducing…. Jack

  1. 1L


  2. karen

    Yawn is right. Good luck. I told my husband I took care of our babies – you are doing the puppy. He has been great. She is now 4 months old. Congratulations 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the new addition! He’s a keeper. You know that my dog is named Ruby, right? I obviously approve of that name too.
    Yes puppies are way more work than babies but I happen to think they are way cuter too, so it all evens out. The girls are going to have so much fun with him!

  4. Mary Ellen

    We are leading parallel lives. We adopted two (yes, that’s two!) puppies on the 11th. The Fredonia Humane Society was at the Petsmart by our house. We are in love with Roxie and Daisy — sisters — from the same litter. They keep each other company. The rescue said they are Lab mixes but we think that is a marketing ploy. Doesn’t matter now because they are our cuties forever.

  5. Kittymama

    He’s gorgeous. I wanna kiss that smooshy little face. I like standard poodles, too, though. I found out a few years back that there are rescue groups for almost every breed of dog imaginable.

  6. Tricia

    Cheers! We are sure that Thor (who was billed as an Australian shepherd) is a lab/AS mix, to. Although we tell people he is either a) a goldendoodle in disguise; or, b) an Australian shedder. The kids don’t think that’s funny anymore. He sheds a hella lot. Can’t wait to meet Jack.
    P.S. Inga’s black standard is named Jack!

  7. Sue

    What a cute little baby boy. Good luck! I just got over the puppy stage…whewwwww.

  8. Puppy! So cute. Congratulations!

  9. Oh, he’s so cute!! We’ll have to come visit him when he’s recovered from being freshly neutered.

    (poor little guy!) 🙂

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