Starring Sophie

(NOTE: Apologies for the unexplained absence! I was in Portland, Oregon, soaking up the cold air and the cool vibe. Posts to come on related subjects, including a highlight: meeting the artist who drew the girl in the party hat.)

Hot on the trail of the perfect puppy, today our path led us to PetsMart, a mall pet store (forgive me, lord) and the pound. Nada.

After that, it seemed like a good time for a bath, after all that puppying, so we tossed the girls in the tub.

I gave them a bath bomb from Lush (we’re completely addicted to their products) and since I usually drop in a slice of a bubble bar, this was a treat. Particularly since the bomb was a post-Christmas purchase, and disintegrates to reveal dozens of tiny metal (harmless, I’m sure — I hope) stars.

The girls turned that into a game, collecting the stars and “pasting” them to the batthub wall. At the end, Annabelle tallied hers: 21. Sophie had 6, including several Annabelle gave her.

This drew¬†unsolicited praise from the older sister, in a form I’d never heard but expect to hear a lot, from now on: “Not bad for a 5-year-old with Down syndrome!”



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5 responses to “Starring Sophie

  1. Robert Polk

    Welcome home. You and all the party girls were missed.

  2. What kind of puppy are you looking for?

  3. Ha! Kids say the darndest things don’t they? And I hope you gave my hometown a big kiss for me. It’s a lovely place, isn’t it?

  4. Puppy! No way! How about a breed rescue group?

    • amysilverman

      we did go through a rescue group for jack — and when i’m ready for a poodle, since i’m in no rush and am ok with an older one, i’ll definitely do the same.

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