Easy Peasy!


Ladies and gentlemen, time for a special announcement: Sophie’s made the fridge again. I just put a math worksheet from this week in a place of honor, right at the top.

It doesn’t appear to be much, at first glance, just some train cars with numbers on them. The last in each sequence of three has clearly been cut out and glued onto the paper.

Sophie comes home with stuff like that every day. But usually, ok, always, someone — Ms. X, a volunteer, even one of her classmates — has walked Sophie through the exercise, or maybe just done it for her when time’s run out.

Not this one! I almost brushed past it in a pile last night, til I noticed the note, followed by a more detailed email today from Ms. X.

Yesterday, she did that math worksheet ALL on her own.  I just handed it to her and she went to the table and completed it by herself with me not anywhere by her!!!! After completing the first two problems, she walked over to me to show me and smiled and said the words “Easy Peasy!!! ”  and marched back to her table to complete!!!  Today, she did an amazing job on her own too!!!!

I don’t know where the whole Easy Peasy thing started — I’m guessing with Ray — but that’s Sophie’s triumphant exclamation when she does something right. I know she must have been really excited.

Me too.

A side note, before we get too mushy, since I fear I already gave myself a cavity this week from my own post on “Rainbow Connection”.

Every time I hear Easy Peasy I immediately think, “Easy breezy beautiful, Cover Girl.”

There. I feel better. That’s been bugging me but I hadn’t told anyone. (And you won’t get it unless you’re of a certain age and watched a lot of television growing up.)



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5 responses to “Easy Peasy!

  1. Ahh that’s great. I used to love doing those math worksheets too. Good job.

  2. Robert Polk

    That’s our girl. I’m not surprised, but very pleased for all of us.

    New tablecloth? 🙂

  3. I must have been living under a rock. I am so glad I found your blog. LOVE this. And it reminds me of that too! Or…Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef.

  4. You know, I think “Easy Peasey, Lemon Squeezey” because that’s what Nigel Powers (Austin’s dad) says in Goldmember.

    Which probably is better than Cover Girl. What is it with Cover Girl? I really just can’t bear the smell of their foundation so I don’t use any of their stuff.

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