Voodoo Doughnuts, Chocolate and Salt


Today I was planning to write about something really sad, the latest funeral I attended.

Instead I think I’ll write about donuts. Specifically, Voodoo Doughnuts. (What IS the correct spelling, anyhow? I prefer donut. The dough thing is somehow TMI.)

Leave it to Portland, Oregon to have a cult following for a shack of a donut shop open 24 hours, featuring a not-extremely-clean-looking revolving case of creations (you can see more pictures at www.voodoodoughnut.com) including one I tried — a glazed-style donut covered in maple icing and topped with bacon.

Yes, bacon. It’s been a couple weeks and I’m still not sure if that was the best thing I’ve ever tasted, or the worst. But I do know I keep thinking about it.

More refined — and about the best damn retail idea I can think of, save the taxidermy/vintage jewelry confab across the street at Flutter (www.flutterclutter.com) — is a shop on Mississippi Avenue called The Meadow (www.atthemeadow.com), a tiny spot packed with salt and chocolate. Gourmet salt (who knew there were hundreds of kinds, from all over the world?) and chocolate, along with wine and fresh flowers.

Add an assortment of vodka and toss in an emergency Diet Coke and as far as I’m concerned, you’re set. With all the stories recently about a piece of high-end chocolate serving as a good small reward in tough times, a place like that might even weather the financial storm, though I personally believe the hard alcohol addition is key.

None of this is very useful, I know, unless you actually happen to live in Portland or plan to visit soon. But my dream (well, one of them) is to open a place like The Meadow and my wish is that you’ll do it for me. I have the perfect place in Phoenix, there’s a spot at Camelback and Central in the inside-out strip mall with Frances and Stinkweeds.

I promise to frequent it.

And if you are going to Portland soon and you need a place to stay, I recommend The Ace (www.acehotel.com/portland), which my super-hip friend Megan (www.megyn.wordpress.com) so kindly suggested. It’s cheap (relatively), funky (photo booth in the lobby, Stumptown coffee next door, Powell’s Books down the street) and a little whimsical, if a chain (ok, small boutique but still) hotel can be.

A good getaway can stay with you for weeks. I know mine has. But we now return to our regularly scheduled reality, no matter how sad it might be. Some things, even a bacon/maple donut can’t fix.



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3 responses to “Voodoo Doughnuts, Chocolate and Salt

  1. Amy, you are really just too cool for school. I will definitely take your Diet Coke and Vodka ideas into account. (The dang OLCC makes things difficult for all of us.) We do have some peach bitters and Champagne you can improvise with in the meantime. If you get any investors throwing money around for a Meadow elsewhere, let me know! Oh, and don’t forget that Jennifer is an amazing florist! Flowers don’t have quite the same effect on the lofe life as Coke and Vodka, but it’s close… Mark.

  2. I was at Frances the other day and saw that vacant little store! It needs to be something COOL COOL.

    And yes, it’s donut. I agree. Those donuts look delicious. I am all about desserts with sprinkles.

  3. i love the bacon maple bar. it’s too bad that the customer service at voodoo leaves so much to be desired… but my wife and i have gladly stolen their secrets and made the bars (okay, not the bars, which we buy, but cooking our own bacon to put on top) on our very own, to be savored in the secret and the dark.

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