Arizona Legislator Linda Gray is the “R” Word

Boy, do I wish I used that word disparagingly. Because it really applies here. Just the other day, an out-of-stater remarked (again) that she just doesn’t understand my state of Arizona — a place where you can have Down syndrome but not qualify for services for the developmentally disabled.

Yeah, I don’t understand it either. Maybe State Senator Linda Gray would care to explain. I try not to directly mix work in with Girl in a Party Hat very often, but check out the post on Phoenix New Times’ blog today about a letter Gray wrote in response to a high school student who had the audacity (in Gray’s view) to write to her questioning the state’s decision to cut education funding:

Be sure to click on the blog post after that, where Gray apologizes and reveals that the student is special needs. What’s Linda Gray’s excuse?

Arizona is a great place to be a journalist (you can’t make this shit up) but it can be a really lousy place to be a human being.



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3 responses to “Arizona Legislator Linda Gray is the “R” Word

  1. Oh. Mah. Gah.


    I think the teacher who wrote the letter to Gray kicks ass, though. Give her a big raise.

  2. latishaspring

    ur so funny. even about serious stuff. i love your cynical but jolly take on these things. as for our dear senator, i have no words.

  3. Yikes- she was worse than Obama on Leno for sure! I do not understand Arizona at all!

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