What if John McCain had made that Crack about the Special Olympics?

I’m feeling  guilty.

As soon as I read about President Obama’s gaffe on Jay Leno last night, I immediately began to make excuses for him in my head.

Then I had to stop and wonder how I would have felt if John McCain had said the same thing. I know how I would have felt.

I would have been freaking out.

McCain has said far worse, to be sure. And really, we should be judging our officials on their actions, not their words. Particularly words on silly television talk shows.

Still, I feel more than a little uncomfortable about my double standard.



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6 responses to “What if John McCain had made that Crack about the Special Olympics?

  1. Molly

    Hm, I hadn’t even thought about that. Interesting! I campaigned for Obama, voted for him, really like him.

    I want to see what Obama does in the upcoming days. But, I feel like this is going to further the negative thoughts of those who supported Sarah Palin/Trig and still dislike Obama. It’s an opportunity for them to say “see? He doesn’t get it”

    I’ll bet he is kicking himself now. But he can admit when he’s made a mistake. I like that.

  2. Kittymama

    If the President couldn’t make the team bowling a 129 game, it was inaccurate as well. And we can’t have that. I tell Mr. Kittymama several times a week that jokes based on premises contrary to fact aren’t even funny to begin with.

    Offensive, unforgettable, inappropriate, definitely warranting an apology — but I think the part that makes me a little sympathetic is that Obama was being self-deprecating and couldn’t think of a better touchstone. (He played way inadvertently deep into the stereotype that things like bowling and billiards should be easy even if you’re not athletic, so if you’re bad at them there must be something “wrong” with you, which just isn’t true, on multiple levels.) Would McCain slur someone merely to point out how bad he is at something?

    Thing is, we know so much about McCain, why wouldn’t you be prone to take it worse? You gave your gut reaction some thought, so that makes you a better person than most. Your guilt is your pardon, if that makes any sense.

  3. christa


    I’ve been lurking for months and have really enjoyed reading your blog. I hunted down your website after you were on This American Life.

    I want to share another of my favorite bloggers with you, and let you see what he had to say on the Obama gaffe: http://www.schuylersmonsterblog.com/

    If you have time, let me know what you think.

    • amysilverman

      hey christa — what a huge compliment! first that you read this blog, and second that you’d compare it at all to rob’s — i’d never seen his but got a chance to look tonight and he’s one smart guy. i thought his take on the obama gaffe was right on. and he’s certainly making people mad! the best to you and thanks again. amy

  4. Well, I still like and respect the guy. I guess I can’t say the same for McCain alot of the time. I agree he just made a mistake but I still worry that he doesn’t get it at it’s deepest point. He did make me pretty mad. I’ll have to check out that link!

  5. Non-Kool-Aid-Drinker

    Dad predicted Obama would make a fool of himself on Jay Leno. Nah, I said, he knows what he’s doing…

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