“They’re tiny but they’re mighty.”

Last night, I got out the two huge Rubbermaids with the girls’ summer clothes, and almost got through the official seasonal exchange before I passed out — with just one load of laundry and another basketful left to put away. (In our world, the seasonal exchange means swapping a few light jackets for dozens of tee shirts and shorts.)

We are overwhelmed with clothes — mainly because we have so many hand-me-downs (I’m not complaining!) but also because these kids simply don’t grow much.

Sophie’s almost 6, and she can easily squeeze her little but into a pair of 2T shorts. Even Annabelle, who has no chromosomal excuse, just a short family, complains that the 5T shorts literally fall off her almost 8-year-old hips.

We should all have such problems.

To misquote  “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” (now available on DVD), “They’re tiny but they’re mighty.”

One thing I have noticed is that Sophie’s definitely getting taller. She and Jack the puppy can now both easily reach items left on the kitchen counter. Not good.


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  1. I know of what you speak. My ten year old can still (literally) wear a shirt he got when he was three. Of course, the one year old can practically wear it, too.

    WHAT is that saying????

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