I just tried to Google the word kugel, and got myself laughing. Go ahead, try saying it 10 times, fast: “google kugel.”

Actually, it sounds like a tasty dish: Googlekugel.

I’m Googling kugel (a casserole — it usually calls for noodles or potatoes, can be sweet or savory) because I can’t find my old friend Eric Taslitz’s recipe for Passover kugel. (His recipe one calls for matzoh — the tasteless unleavened bread Jews eat for eight days once a year in memory of the time the Jews fled Pharoah and didn’t have time to let the bread rise. That’s the Jewish-ish version of the story, anyway.)

I could swear that Passover kugel recipe is in my recipe file, but I dug through it this morning and couldn’t find it.

That doesn’t mean it’s not there. I’ve lost stuff in that file before and found it later. It’s sort of magic. Or I’m sort of a slob. A few months ago, Ray looked up at the kitchen shelf that at the time housed the recipe file and said, “That thing is filthy.”

I took offense, but he was right. My recipe file (a lovely blue and purple Pierre Deux pattern, a college graduation gift from my mother; my sister wrote the recipes for four family favorites, including chili con queso, on construction paper and stuck them inside) is disgusting.

I removed it from the shelf and shoved it in a small Rubbermaid all its own. Problem solved. I did notice a dusty bunny in the bottom of it when I pulled out the contents today, as well as a lot of other stuff. It was a walk down memory lane.

There was Tim Archibald’s recipe for Thanksgiving lentil loaf; Lisa Dropkin’s latkes; Cathy Brown’s Christmas sugar cookies; Todd Grossman’s holiday sangria.

Turns out, I only cook on the holidays. I guess I knew that already, but seeing the evidence there was pretty stunning. I did find Trish’s quiche recipe from the summer Sophie was born (not for a holiday, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never made it), and several recipes for meat loaf and roasted chicken I ripped from magazines but never made.

There are at least three copies of the pumpkin challah recipe I love (Thanksgiving) and two matzoh toffee recipes. (Damn, which is the one that turned out so well a couple years ago?)

There’s a regular kugel recipe from my sister’s mother-in-law, but no Passover kugel. The Passover kugel recipes I found on Google made me a little nauseous, and reminded me of Eric Taslitz’s admonition: YOU MUST GET THE MATZOH WET FIRST.

Maybe I can make do with one less side dish. Or maybe I can track down Eric Taslitz.


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One response to “Googlekugel

  1. Is it like matzo brei? (sp?) Can you google that and see what comes up?
    Googlekugel. I love it!
    Aren’t those little notes on recipes the best? I always thought that would make a cool scrapbook-the recipes themselves and all the notes we/others write on them. They’re just as you said, like walks down memory lane. The recipes I inherited from my mom in her funny half cursive/half print are some of my most cherished hand me downs.

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