“The Bubble Gums”

Tonight at dinner, Annabelle informed us that she’s starting a band called “The Bubble Gums.” She’ll play keyboard, and she’s chosen three of her friends to be singer, drummer and guitarist.

“I tried to think about what each one is good at,” she explained, listing her choices. (Apparently no one else knows about this yet.) We discussed costumes (pink, of course, with several different options she’ll design, Annabelle says) and as I type, she’s “composing” on the keyboard. She’s already written the lyrics for a song she’s calling “Skateboard.”

Sophie fell asleep in the car on the way home. As I was helping her into her pajamas, she drowsily informed me that she and I are starting a band. It will be called “The Piglets.”



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4 responses to ““The Bubble Gums”

  1. Sue

    Oh my goodness. I am cracking up. The Piglets! I love love this! How perfect!

  2. Lisa S.

    sign me up for a ticket to your first show!

  3. Kathy

    I’d love to join “The Piglets”. In fact, kind of sounds like our Thursday lunch group. 🙂

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