Gold Stars for Rushed IEPs

I really don’t have anything against Sophie’s speech therapist at school (except her not-super grammar). She’s the one who went to bat for the kids when the topic of the 90 to 1 kindergartener-to-adult ratio at lunch recess came up, and I know she loves Sophie.
But when I emailed her this morning to see how much time we have before Sophie’s IEP expires (in other words, how much time I have to find someone to interpret the draft they want me to sign, meet with the elusive school occupational therapist and otherwise assure myself that Sophie’s at least getting as much as I can hope to get for her without threatening legal action) I almost stuck my hand through my computer monitor when I saw how her response began (and in this exact font/color, which I can’t manage to change here):
Hi Amy,
Sophie’s IEP doesn’t expire until May 5, but we are being pushed by the district to have all IEP reviews completed and turned in to them by May 1st (next Friday).  I’d like to have Sophie’s in by then if possible so I can get my “gold star” from the district.  🙂  


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3 responses to “Gold Stars for Rushed IEPs

  1. Robert Polk

    But we know that our patient & ever-so-tactful Amy is armed with the knowledge that the IEP tool is built without regard to arbitrary deadlines of administrators’ calendars versus the needs of an individual student.

  2. This is Joyce. I would put a sticky back gold star in an envelope and send it in with a little note stating, “I would feel so bad if you didn’t get a gold star, so I’ve enclosed one for you to wear all week. As soon as I’ve had time for all the appropriate and necessary outside entities to review said IEP, I’ll get back to you.” I truly cannot believe all the IEP stories I’ve heard over the years. The sad thing is it spreads across the country. Good luck.

  3. Oh that is priceless. I like Joyce’s suggestion.
    The thing that is scary is that we know better, but think of all the parents don’t know the rules. Truly frightening.

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