Baseballs and Snapshots

Friday night was star-kissed, and not in the tuna kind of way. We were invited to a Diamondbacks game with the staff of Sophie’s pre-school. Sophie was thrilled. She melted into Ms. Janice, her pre-school teacher, and while none of us paid much attention to the baseball game, we all enjoyed an unseasonably cool night, which ended with fireworks.

I thought about chatting up the pre-school principal — a nice but firm woman who all but insisted it was a mistake for Sophie to attend the school she’s now at; the principal wanted her in the special needs program — but let Ms. Janice take her over to say hello, instead. Sophie and the principal had a nice long chat. (Hmph! I hope Sophie used of her big words.)

Sophie got ahold of Ray’s iPhone and snapped some shots, including one of her mom and dad.



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  1. Kathy

    Awww…girl knows what’s important to edit–a smile and a wedding band! 🙂

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