Dr. Death Needs No Introduction

Okay, now I feel worse.
I was emailing with one of Sophie’s service providers today (not one I’ve written about already on this blog) and mentioned the whole Dr. Death thing, hoping she’d tell me I’m being silly, that this psychologist is just fine — or, at least, that she’d never heard of her.
Oh no. The doctor’s reputation preceeds her. And as it turns out, even this crummy idea might be a bust. Here’s Sophie’s provider’s reply:
Yes–I have read many reports from her.    As a general rule, when we get a report written by her…we do it over because she often does not paint an accurate picture of true potential.  Rumor has it that her daughter has a cognitive disability and she was never told the truth about what to expect—she felt the truth was always presented in a sugar coated manner by professionals.  It seem she takes things to an extreme in the opposite direction.   Unfortunately….it seems like that is what you need.  What a crummy system…..
Just a suggestion…….ask your support coordinator if there are any psychologists in the area that DDD [the Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities] does not accept evaluations from.  

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  1. im getting a nasty feeling in my stomach. im so sorry you have to do this.

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