My name is Amy Silverman. I’m starting this blog on my daughter Sophie’s fifth birthday to document the next year, particularly her transition to kindergarten.

Everything here is true, although some details may be purposely fuzzy. For example, I won’t share my daughters’ last name; but I want you to know that their last name does in fact go together much better with their first names than the name Silverman does.

To answer your first two questions:

1. I was 36 when I had Sophie

and 2. No, I didn’t know she had Down syndrome before she was born.

And — okay, a third — I like to think that if I had known she had Down syndrome before she was born that I would have had her anyway. But I’m honestly not 100% sure.

Once I figure out how, I’ll post some of my past work about Sophie and our family.

In the meantime, here’s the URL where you can listen to essays I’ve done for KJZZ, the Phoenix NPR affiliate:


And here’s the URL where you can buy your own Girl in a Party Hat art, “Beth,” from the wonderful artist Amanda Blake:


 And all this work on this blog is copyrighted, 2008.


16 responses to “About

  1. Tricia Parker

    I lovelovelove it! Perfect! Brava!

  2. Lisa Davis

    FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting for this fix forever. I remain on the edge of my seat (okay, couch) for future installments.
    You rock, girlfriend. Still.

  3. Judy Lewenthal Daniel

    Amy, you have truly found your calling: Writing. And writing about your girls is just the very best. Thank you for indulging those of us who love “reading” you. And for sharing your heart. Seriously. This motherhood thing can make saps out of even the most cynical of us. It’s just that most of us won’t admit it.
    Bring on more.

  4. Robrt Pela

    Thank you, Amy, for telling Sophie’s story with such grace and humor. –RP

  5. Karen Zuercher

    “She read my mind. That’s not hard these days, since I can feel my thoughts sticking out of my ears.”

    How do you come up with this wonderful stuff? More importantly, how do you remember it long enough to post it? Anyway, thank you for sharing so much of your and Sophie’s world. Can’t wait to read more. xo

  6. Hanicapped parenting only gets more bizarre. Last week while, driving home a car full of disabled teenage girls, I had the priviledge of listening while they got in a fight dissing each other about who had the better cellphone! Nothing like wanting your kid to fit in.

  7. terry greene sterling

    The blog is brilliant. Needs to be pinged to a lot more platforms, though.

  8. list5

    Your story on This American Life was great. In no way was I seeking out your blog, but the TAL tag helped me find it. Thanks for sharing your stories with us and I look forward to future posts.

  9. So happy to have found your blog!

  10. Abbie

    hi amy! i try to keep updated. see you next friday!

  11. Dear Ammie,

    I heard your story on THIS AMERICAN LIFE over the summer and was brought to tears. I am the older sister of a girl who was in a very similar place. She was always just on the cusp of ‘mainstream’ – we didn’t know what to expect of her, where she would fall, and often we were faced with similarly impossible dilemmas.

    It was always so strange to define her and feel pressure to define her and to this day my skin bristles at the word retarded. The whole diagnosis process was so painful and often times felt less helpful than hurtful.

    I’m because, based on these earlier experiences, I’m developing a documentary film about families of children who fall through the cracks – whose disabilities defy definition – and their experiences in finding a place for them. I would love to be in touch with you and or anyone who would be interested in sharing their stories. It would be incredible to gain your insight and to hear your thoughts.

    AND I should also mention – for the first time in her life, my sister who is now 20, has found a peer group, an internship program that fosters community and independence, and is living completely on her own, driving, reading and coping with her disabilities courageously. She’s even in love. and we were never even sure she’d be able to speak or read. there is a lot to look forward to and there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel.

    Many Thanks,


    I am in the Bay Area in California, so i

  12. Jo


    I came across your blog while researching Downs’ syndrome for my degree in England…this was over 6 months ago and I must say I’m hooked!!

    Sophie is an amazing little girl and a real credit to the time, dedication and love you and your family have given her – you should be very proud her and of yourselves (and Annabelle – i wish I’d had a big sister as cool and supportive as you!!)

    Thanks for sharing this with the world 😀

    Happy New Year

  13. kari bookbinder

    Amy, my friend. It’s Kari, now Gila. Sorry about the poetry contest. Just yesterday my Mom showed me the original poem from that contest. How bashert. I also specialize in special kids myself. Let’s schmooze and reconnect. Love, Kari

  14. Cheryl Fisher

    I stumbled upon your blog fonight and, so far, I absolutely LOVE the stories you have begun about Sophie. What a beauty she is – what a joy you are to be able to share the joys, accomplishments and fears of raising such a special little girl! (Have to admit, too, that I re-read the Water story via the link in your blog today. I try not to think about that too much these days, but it is a nice return to the again see the beginning of when you and I connected and became friends). I am behind you all the way as you embark on this journey – and I eagerly look forward to all your future entries. Thank you for being a special angel in our lives!

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